No 1 Cave Artist Murdered
No. 1 above
Cave Artist
Lascaux, France

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No 2 Egyptian Worker
No. 2 above
Egyptian Worker
Gang: Friends for Menkaure
Giza Plateau, Egypt
No 3 Jesus Christ Bar Mizvah Morning
No. 3 above
Jesus Christ
With Sister (anonymous)
Bar Mitzvah Morning, Bethlehem
No 4 Jesus Christ Blessing the Homosexuals
No. 4 above
Jesus Christ
Blessing the Homosexuals
No 5 Jesus Christ The Last Laugh
No. 5 above
Jesus Christ
The Last Laugh
No 6 Slave Family
No. 6 above
Slave Family
Forks of the Road
Natchez, Mississippi
No 7 Adolf Hitler Fair Grounds

No. 7 above
Adolf Hitler
Fair Grounds
Linz, Austria

No 8 John McCauley Jr Vietnam
No. 8 above
John McCauley JR.
Corporal 1st Marines
Ben Tre, Vietnam
No 9 John McCauley Sr Eastham Massachusetts
No. 9 above
John McCauley SR.
Mary McCauley
Eastham, Massachusetts
No 10 Young Lovers NYC
No. 10 above
Young Lovers
Sacrificial Lambs
New York, New York
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